Competency to Stand Trial

Sanity at the Time of Offense

Mitigating Factors (amenability to 

Post Conviction Relief

Sex Offender Evaluations

Risk of Harm

Recent Supreme Court decision have mandated that information to the Court requires that all information provided (testimony) is shown to be substantiated by valid and reliable data.  Simply saying “in my opinion” does not meet the rigorous standards established by several key cases such as Daubert & Kumbu Tire.

“Forensic psychology” means all forms of professional psychological conduct when acting, with definable foreknowledge, as a psychological expert on explicitly psycholegal issues, in direct assistance to courts, parties to legal proceedings, correctional and forensic mental health facilities, and administrative, judicial, and legislative agencies acting in an adjudicative capacity.

Aside from the provision of reliable data to the Court, it is essential to be able to determine the veracity of the information provided by the defendant.  Research has shown that even seasoned and experienced professionals cannot accurately determine if an individual is being honest in his/ her responses.

However, there are valid and reliable tests which provide the information needed to support your case.  By relying on the data, as opposed to the ipse dixit testimony of the expert, the Court is more prone to accept the concerns and allegations presented.