Treatment Recommendations

Termination of Parental Rights

Adoption Evaluations

Risk Assessment (physical or sexual)

Attachment Assessments

Dr. Nash does not perform child custody evaluations in divorce settings.  However, there is still a great need for competent assessments regarding child placement.  According to the Children's Rights Counsel, during the past year;

  • 650,000 children spent time in foster placements.
  • At any given time, 400,000 children are living in foster care.
  • Children spend an average of 2 years in foster placement.

​Making accurate and appropriate assessments regarding children's needs is critical, as these decisions can influence a child's entire life.  This requires both an in-depth understanding of child developmental requirements, as well as the laws and regulations regarding children's legal rights.  

Dr. Nash has considerable experience in the field, having taught Child Development at the college level, and over 25 years of performing parentage evaluations.